Final Learning Reflection

Out of all the assignments we’ve had this semester, I’ve only disliked one reading, which was the They Say, I Say book.  Although it was very helpful, I just couldn’t get myself into reading it.  They way it is written, it’s an easy read, but for some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to actually read the material.  My eyes would just glide over the words, page after page.

On the other hand, I really enjoyed reading all of the literacy memoirs.  Personally, I find reading personal publications much more intriguing and easy to read than more education material.  I think it is because I can put myself into their shoes depending on how they write their stories.  It is also a lot easier for me to relate to and get a good grasp on.  It helped me learn more about literacy as well as a memoir’s structure, itself.  I really enjoyed writing my memoir, because it gave me a chance to write a different kind of paper than I’ve been writing my whole educational career.  I’ve never been able to write as freely as I did with my memoir, which was liberating.  Perhaps I’ll take it up as a new hobby…


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