Memoirs of a First Grader

For my literacy memoir assignment, I have been bouncing back and fort between two different potential topics.  I find this assignment to be a bit more difficult than the last, mainly because I am only 19 years old, so I do not have too many significant literacy events and epiphanies to dissect in a memoir.  At least, I do not recall very many.  I could only think of the following two ideas:

The first event took place in third grade, and focuses around an evaluation of all the students’ reading skills individually.  We were taken out of class one by one and into a room with a different teacher.  The teacher gave us a book, and asked us to read aloud a certain paragraph or page.  Based on how well we read the section, the teacher would write down what they thought our level of reading ability was.  I was always a strong reader, because when I was very young my mother enrolled me in a private christian school, where I learned to read and write in cursive in preschool.  By the time I was in kindergarten, I had already read other chapter books designed for much older kids, so I was confident going into the evaluation.  My results came out much differently and more advanced than all the other kids.  I think this was due to my opportunity to get ahead at the private school.


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