Proposal Paper

Excluding the memoir assignment, this is my favorite paper of the class.  I really like that we get to research important issues and display them in front of the class, raising awareness.  I am fairly certain that I will do the topic of texting and driving, but I am not 100% sure yet.  I’ve also been thinking about doing animal abuse/neglect because I’m very much an animal lover and a dog person.  If I do end up doing the animal abuse issue, I would probably get way to angry to finish the assignment…so texting and driving it is!

I’m thinking about doing this subject because it is a growing problem both nationally and locally.  It is growing more and more each day, and pretty soon we’re all going to have a friend who is a victim of texting and driving.  It affects each and every community around the world, so I feel like it’s a pretty important matter.  There are a lot of bans on texting and driving in the US, and I’m not sure which states do and don’t have it yet, but I will research all the specifics in the process of beginning my assignment.  I know for a fact that Alaska does have a law for texting and driving.  I think it bans texting and has fees and jail time for the consequences of being caught.  I also know that Anchorage has a relatively high rate of accidents involving distracted driving, so I know I’ll be able to find organizations and programs about this topic.


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