For this assignment, I struggled to choose a single advertisement to dissect.  I think the ad I will use is the commercial for the GoPro cameras.  This commercial has no words and is all footage taken from GoPro users on various adventures.  I think this commercial is a good example of pathos and logos, with little relevance to ethos.

Here is the link to the video:

PATHOS:  This ad demonstrates pathos by showing people doing amazing things that most everyone wants to do at some point in their lives.  It shows people surfing huge waves, playing with lions, and snowboarding down the faces of mountains.  It really makes the audience feel adventurous and epic.  The music in the add also adds to this feeling.  The company chose to use rich, majestic music and borderline opera songs to embellish the video with an almost God-like emotion.

LOGOS:  The company targets a more active audience and uses all the right clips to show the full potential of the GoPro Hero 3+.  They do this, because they know that it will be effective in their marketing, and it proves to be working, according to their sales.  A couple of their other ads, that have more spoken roles, talk of how this new model is better than the last, and this shows the audience that their choice to buy the product is very logical.

ETHOS:  Although not as present as the other rhetorical senses, the ethos element is still there.  The use of ethos was established from the very beginning, by making the video very in your bold.